Konopka Lab Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We believe that individuals who feel comfortable and safe in their environment, who are able to freely and fully express their ideas and individuality, and who enjoy the company of their fellow lab mates perform to their highest potential. Our goal is to build such an environment one person at a time.

The Konopka lab aims to build a community of individuals who aspire to contribute to scientific knowledge. We welcome individuals of all races/ethnicities, gender/non-gender identities, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, and those with any other unique trait or physical/mental attribute. We will not exclude anyone who wants to join our group based on any of those outward or perceived attributes. We will not tolerate behavior from individuals who contribute to a non-inclusive and negative atmosphere by discriminating in any way. We will educate all members of our group on issues of equality and equity so that everyone is exposed to new perspectives and how certain actions and statements can offend group members, even unintentionally. We believe that humans have the ability to change and we will promote active reflection on any perceived negative behavior.

We aspire to be anti-racist and to be allies with those who may be different from us in some way or have a different background. We will stand together to promote an anti-racist environment in our lab as well as in our larger community at work and home.

We will aspire to have free and open communication among all members, where every voice is heard, and where all opinions are respected. We support an equitable environment where contributions from each individual matters regardless of position or title.

We have hope that by focusing within and around ourselves that we can be effective in expanding diversity and equity throughout our community. We will continue to seek improved ways for increasing diversity and equity in our community through both active reflection and implementation of new approaches to make positive change.