Dec. 2015: Cycling paper published in Cell Reports!

Nov. 2015: fMRI paper published in Neuron!

Oct. 2015: FoxP1 paper published in Genes & Development!

May 2015: DJ is awarded an FST Travel Award!

Apr. 2015: Marissa is awarded an Autism Science Foundation Fellowship!

Mar. 2015: Kazuya joins the lab — welcome! Miles is awarded an NIMH F30 Fellowship!

Dec. 2014: Ashley is awarded a Keystone Symposium Travel Scholarship!

Sept 2014: Miles’ review is published in COGD! Nori and Marissa’s review is published in BBE!

July 2014: Company of Biologists Workshop video on Evolution of the Human Neocortex posted here.

June 2014: Stefano joins the lab and Jayant and Taylor join for the summer. Welcome!

May 2014: Neuroscience retreat--Stephanie gives a talk and lots of lab posters

Mar. 2014: Gena speaks at the University of Chicago Brain Awareness Day

Jan. 2014: Ashley and Marissa join the lab as PhD students!

Dec. 2013: Wesley accepted as a member of the MIT class of 2018!

Nov. 2013: Nori receives a Uehara Memorial Foundation Fellowship! Book chapters by Stephanie & Ashley and Dan Miller are published.

Aug. 2013: Miles and Matt join the lab -- welcome!

Aug. 2013: Wesley and Dean present posters at the STARS and SURF sessions

July 2013: Miles and Emma join the lab for the summer -- welcome!

June 2013: Wesley, Dean, and Rodney join the lab for the summer -- welcome!

May 2013: Ashley, DJ, and Stephanie present posters at the Neuroscience Retreat.

Mar. 2013: DJ is awarded an NSF graduate fellowship!

Feb. 2013: Gena is awarded a March of Dimes Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Award.

Feb. 2013: Wen joins the lab -- welcome!

Oct. 2012: Guang-Zhong presents his work on functional constraints on the evolution of PSD proteins at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting.

Oct. 2012: Noriyoshi Usui, PhD, joins the lab--welcome!

Aug. 2012: Mike’s review on FOXP genes and ASD is published in Disease Markers.

Aug. 2012: Comparative brain transcriptome paper is published in Neuron!

Aug. 2012: Gena is honored as runner-up for the Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award in mammalian genetics from the Genetics Society of America and the American Society of Human Genetics.

Aug. 2012: Dean presents his research at the SURF Symposium.

July 2012: Lupita presents her research at the STARS Symposium.

July 2012: Gena is awarded one of two honorable mention for the Freedman Prize for Oustanding Basic Research for her NARSAD Young Investigator supported research from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

June 2012: The first research paper from the lab is published! See Wang and Konopka here.

June 2012: Welcome to Dean, Julia, Lupita, and Regan! They will be working in the lab for the summer.

May 2012: Marissa presents the results of her research at the Green Fellows poster session.